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The Beauty in Every Life Campaign: Prevent Human Trafficking Now!

All proceeds of EVERY Vibrant West African Cuisine Cookbook will help fund the Campaign, “Prevent Human Trafficking Now”, in partnership with Beauty in Every Life. This project will be launched in March 2018, with your support.


I co-founded Beauty in Every Life with the mission to help vulnerable women and children discover their talents and unleash the potential within them.


I have seen many African ladies who have been lured to Europe at a young age. I have seen their suffering in Europe and have seen women with many children struggling under the welfare system. I have volunteered to train trafficked West African girls on how to set up a food business, in partnership with the Bijlmer Bridge 2 Hope Project in Amsterdam.


Beauty in Every Life plans to create an awareness campaign, develop an educational curriculum, and conduct a media campaign and solidarity march to draw greater sustained attention to this tragedy. We will also sponsor empowerment and confidence building education to equip women to resist being lured by the lies of human traffickers.


The Beauty in Every Life project budget is €220,000 divided into three campaign stages of €25, 000, €45,000 and €150,000 as described below.


Project Plan

Stage one: Awareness campaign

We will pursue a door to door campaign, We will launch a media campaign, town hall meetings and sports activities to draw greater sustained attention to the tragedy of human trafficking.  This stage will last from March until July 2018.


Stage 2: Empowerment programs and Events

Create more awareness through schools.  Develop human trafficking awareness curriculum delivered in secondary schools in Nigeria. Provide educational workshops, organise events, sponsor and collaborate with local NGO’s for a more significant impact.  Project start date: September until December 2018.


Stage 3: Economic Empowerment and ongoing support

Identify victims, vulnerable women and children and provide entrepreneurship and skill training to help women become more confident and economically independent which will reduce the rate of demand. And extend seed capital grant of EUR 500 to a total of 200 women to start their own business. January 2019 – December June 2019.


How you can support us the Beauty in Every life project, “Prevent Human Trafficking Now!”:


As part of our contribution, we ask you to buy the Vibrant West African Cuisine cookbook. We plan to use the profit to support the “Beauty in Every Life” campaign.


Pre-order the cookbook and receive:

  • A bonus pack of Ataro Spice
  • Two weeks access to the Vibrant West African Cuisine Cooking Videos
  • A signed copy of the book when you order before the 7th of January 2018
  • FREE Local shipping to your doorpost


Your donation will help us to pay for the cookbook editing, publishing, labor and printing. Profits will go directly toward the Beauty in Every Life project.


Together we can make a difference!


Support us today by pre-ordering the Vibrant West African Cuisine cookbook here:

Go here and pre-order the book today.


If you have ever wanted to make a difference and promote dignity in people’s lives, follow the link below to pre-order your copy of Vibrant West African Cuisine Cookbook and get started in making a difference.


You can also visit the BIEL website to make financial contributions starting January 3, 2018.


P.S. The Vibrant West African Cuisine cookbook is also an ideal gift for friends and family! You can pre-order here.

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