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Big Green Egg Flavour Fair 2017

Last week, I attended the Big Green Egg Flavour Fair. I was touched by the generosity, beauty, and excellence presented by the Big Green Egg Company. I believe that values like generosity, innovation, excellence, and community are what every winning brand should possess. These are some of the values we share at Ataro Food and Spices. No wonder I fell in love with the Big Green Egg brand the very first day I visited their office in the Netherlands. I hope other brands can learn from that example.

The attendance at the Flavour Fair was quite impressive. Ataro Food and Spices was there with all our BBQ spices and Pepper Sauce. Check them out here.  Before the Fair, I had to make the Ataro hot sauce milder because of the popular belief that the Dutch don’t enjoy spiciness. To my surprise, the three large bottles of pepper sauce I took along with me got finished before I knew it. I didn’t realise that as people tried it, they informed others because I could hear people asking me about the Nigerian Suya and Hot Sauce. It was incredible. We ran out of Suya before the actual closing time even though we had prepared to serve about 750 persons. Now that is impressive.

In essence, I’ve come to learn that the Dutch are adventurous people and also, they have influences from Indonesia.

The evening before the Flavour Fair, there was a private all-paid dinner for the Big Green Egg partners and key suppliers. It was about drinking, eating, and networking from the start to the end. I noticed how the staff of Big Green Egg were so happy and helpful.

I attended this event with Therese Gaughan, who is a trained Chef and a Project Manager. She’s passionate about food writing, and she blogs weekly on her Kitchen Exile website. Her love for everything about good food brought us together. She introduced me to the Big Green Egg Grill.

On the Big Green Egg Flavour Fair day, Therese stood at our Ataro stand and grilled all the Suya. I appreciate her so much for that. My friend Jackie cut all the vegetables while I stood and served over 700 people and answered all their questions about Nigerian Suya and spices. There, we stood out with our colourful fabric, being the only table of colour and me, fully dressed in my West African Boubou and Gele (Senegalese dress and scarf). What a distinct way to stand out from a huge crowd.

At the end of the event, I was surprised to receive a free Egg from the Big Green Egg family. What generosity! I encourage everyone to get themselves a Big Green Egg Grill because it makes grilling so much fun. I now grill at my house on a regular basis.

If you are interested in trying out our Ataro Suya BBQ Rub, check it out at Ataro Food and Spices website. Our Ataro Hot Sauce is rather savoury with a distinct and flavourful taste like no other. We produce it fresh daily, and we sell it chilled. If you enjoy hot sauce or you’re adventurous enough to have a taste of Ataro Hot Sauce, order your pack today here.

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