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Why Wholesome Ingredients Are Better for Your Health

When we refer to wholesome ingredients, we refer to those ingredients that are, quite literally, whole. They do not come with a list of ingredients because they are the only ingredient. Think of an organic chicken breast, for example, or an egg. Think of fruits and vegetables that come as they are. Broccoli is just that – broccoli.

When convenience foods first came into being, we celebrated them. They changed our lives. We didn’t have to slave for hours creating meals from scratch. Unfortunately, processed convenience foods, as we have since discovered, are far from good for our health. Our increased intake of sugar and salt has made us heavier and unhealthy, and oftentimes, that increase comes directly from processed foods.

We think it’s time to revert to using wholesome ingredients and whole foods again. Cooking a meal from scratch doesn’t have to be complex or time-consuming. We simply have to think ahead, buy raw and basic ingredients and go from there. we can cook large amounts and freeze portions for our very own freezer meals. We can create stunning and very tasty dishes that are good for us and taste far better than anything we could buy.

Say no to processed foods and use only those foods that are wholesome and have been processed as little as possible. Whole grains, herbs, spices, fresh meat and poultry, and fish. All these foodstuffs can form part of a healthy diet that will make us feel far better than we do at the moment.

If you are nervous of getting back into the kitchen, don’t be. Our rubs and spice ingredients are put together using only natural ingredients, and they make it far easier than it might otherwise be to create some tasty dishes with little to no effort at all. Give it a try today – go natural and go wholesome!

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